USB Hub Assembly


This page is for reference only. It may not be up to date. It may not include the BOM for latest PCB version. You need to check the schematic and required components yourself!

1. Order PCB

USB hub can be connected to DE10-nano with following options: * Option 1: Quick order of USB Bridge with non-name USB connectors * Option 2: Quick order of USB Bridge with GCT’s USB3150 connectors * Option 3: Quick order of USB Bracket with L-shaped connector

PCB Layout (Gerber Files)

Check the MiSTer hardware repository for the most recent PCB files: MiSTer_Hardware

2. Order Components

This is a general overview of the components, including reference parts that were successfully used to assemble a MiSTer USB Hub version 1.0.

Name Component Package Value Reference Parts
U1 Terminus Tech FE2.1 USB 2.0 High Speed 7-Port Hub LQFP-48 - Terminus Tech FE2.1
X1 Crystal SMD-5032_2P 12MHz, ±20ppm, 20pF TXC Corp 7A1209 or Yangxing Tech X503212MSB2GI
C1, C3, C6, C7 to C13 (10) Capacitor (Ceramic) 0805 10uF Samsung
C2, C4, C5 (3) Capacitor (Ceramic) 0805 0.1uF YAGEO
R1 Resistor 1% ⅛W 0805 47K RALEC
R2 Resistor 1% ⅛W 0805 100k YAGEO
R3 Resistor 1% ⅛W 0805 2.7K RALEC
R4 to R11 (8) Resistor 5% ⅛W 0805 510 YAGEO
USB1 to USB7 (7) USB A/F 90° USB-M-41 - USB Connectors USB-M-41
LED1 to LED7 (7) LED 0805 Green Lite-On
LED8 LED 0805 Red Everlight Elec
J1 DC Socket - - GANGYUAN DC-470-2.0GP
J2 MicroUSB - - Jing EE Co. or Korean Hroparts Elec
  • All components except FE2.1 are pretty generic and can be replaced by wide range of other components with the same values and compatible footprints.
  • Use LEDs with no more than 40mcd brightness - otherwise it will hurt the eyes.