Console connection (Serial UART)

The DE10-nano board has console port. The console allows you to login into Linux without a network connection and also provides some debug/info which sometimes useful to track the problems.

Refer to the UART-to-USB (USB Mini-B) connector on the board right side in the picture below:

UART port location

How to connect

Connect the DE10-nano board to a PC using the UART-to-USB (USB mini type B) connector next to micro-USB. The PC will recognize it as virtual COM port. Use any console application to connect to this COM port. I recommend Putty.

Verify that COM port settings are correct: * Speed (baud rate) - 115200 bits per second * Data bits - 8 * Stop bits - 1 * Parity - none * Flow control - none

U-Boot command prompt

To interrupt u-boot and get into the u-boot command prompt once connected to the DE10-Nano, hold ‘ESC’ on the PC and then power on or reboot the Nano (using the reset button). Startup should be interrupted and you should see a ‘=>’ prompt. Here you can edit the kernel boot options etc.