Welcome to the MiSTer FPGA Bible

About this Project

MiSTer is an open source project without focus on sales and designed to be used on an FPGA.
It reimplements various console, arcade, and computer hardware on the Terasic DE10-nano development board as opposed to running other projects like Retropie or Lakka on an ARM-based DIY emulation box.

What is this?

This authoritative, comprehensive guide is your bible to the MiSTer FPGA. A collection of guides for establishing our beloved MiSTer. If we want this project to survive longer than our attention span, we need to document it. Recent updates and additions are posted on the CHANGELOG.

Why should I read this?

  • To understand how ....
  • Learn about ....
  • If shit hits the fan, you’ll be prepared to clean up the mess.

Before you continue

Make sure you have some familiarity with concepts such as GIT, ..... FTP and CLI.

Structure of Bible

The top level chapters are:

  1. Home


The Bible is made responsive meaning it’s rendering will vary and always be optimizes for the device and window screen you use. If you’re on your smartphone you can not only access it in your browser but also make it look more like an app by calling “Add to Home Screen” from the browser menu.


Written for people at all levels of technological know-how. You’ll appreciate the detailed instructions and clear explanations to enhance your experience and see why the entire MiSTer FPGA project carries such an outstanding reputation when the community and developers goes the distance for you. So read it once, but come back again to see the newest changes.

This Bible is also available to download as PDF for offline view1.

  1. PDF file is not always fully up to date