The MiSTer menu can be customized in a number of ways.

eg You can add a cool font, or change the background image for the main menu.

To change the default font

  • Create a /media/fat/fonts folder on your SD card.
  • Next download the fonts from here - MiSTer Fonts
  • Copy the pf files downloaded from that url to the /media/fat/fonts folder
  • Next edit /media/fat/MiSTer.ini
  • Find the font= line, and edit to use a new font. (Be careful not to add a / before the font folder!)

    eg: If you want to use the C64 font - change the font line to font=fonts/

To add a background image

  • Find a suitable png or jpg file that you like
  • Copy your desired image to /media/fat/menu.jpg or /media/fat/menu.png (as appropriate)
  • Reboot
  • Press F1 once rebooted into MiSTer to select your background.